Bad Seeds Around The World

This time with a feeling. Oh, who am I kidding? Isn’t it always like that.

When we talk about the greatest rock bands, we usually talk about “Pink Floyd”, “Led Zeppelin”, The Doors”… Those bands. You know, the cult ones. But bear in mind, Nick Cave and his “Bad Seeds” are on the scene since 1984. And if we consider “The Birthday Party” (and we should) then even longer. This obscure, dark and overall a great band has had a great number of highly talented individuals in the line-up: Mick Harvey, Barry Adamson, Blixa Bargeld, Anita Lane, Kid Congo Powers, and some of them had very successful solo careers. So, it’s not an ordinary band and most certainly not an ordinary music. But could they be considered a cult band? Oh, yes. “The bad Seeds” somehow managed to hold the thin line between mainstream and underground for so long and with such knowledge that it’s frightful.

And now they are touring once again, presenting to the world their new album “Skeleton Tree”. Yes, the world! The tour starts in New York on May 26, going all over Europe, just to be ended in Tel Aviv on November 20. And what an album that is! Formed around Nick Caves personal tragedy it’s sad dark, but surprisingly enough, at the same time, full of hope. Kory Grow wrote this about the album: “Here is the dean of literary gothic song-craft, a master of wordplay, symbolism and irony, baring his soul like never before.”

Check out the touring dates and places. It would be a shame to miss one of the greatest rock bands that still exist. I know I won’t.

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