We Still Love “Oasis”, Even Though The Gallaghers Don’t

For many people, the Gallagher brothers are still the synonym of “Oasis”. Not so fair to the other members of the band, but well… Liam (vocal and tambourine) and Noel (lead guitar, vocal and songwriter) are still regarded as the most popular members of the worldwide popular Britpop band that is no more. Why were they so […]

20 Years Ago Bowie Got A Star In Hollywood (Not That He Called For It)

Let’s admit it. We don’t really care about the star. Neither did Bowie, we take it. We’re just looking for a reason to listen to Bowie. And, while we’re at that, to remember one of his lesser known musical numbers, that would add another layer of irony to this occasion. It was originally written as […]

Two Decades of “Blur” (The Album)

Itâ’s been 20 years since Blur released their fifth studio album Blur. This album was a little bit different from the previous ones. The influence of American indie rock, confirmed by the bandâ’s guitarist Graham Coxon, made the difference. Some thought it wasnâ’t a smart idea, but the album was a success. The first single „Beetlebum“ […]

“Appetite For Self-Destruction” With A Gun And A Rose

Happy birthday, Mr Rose! Sounds a little bit awkward? Ok, how about this. Happy birthday, Mr William Bruce Rose Bailey Jr. Now, that’s better. Anyway, the man who got international fame by his stage name (and appearance) of Axl Rose celebrates his 55th birthday today. He tapped his name into history by singing the lead […]

They Got Away With The Murder Ballads

Exactly 21 year ago Nick Cave and “The Bad Seeds” released their ninth studio album, “Murder Ballads”. This was their commercial breakthrough. It has also been their greatest commercial success up to date. The duet song with Kylie Minogue, “Where the Wild Roses Grow” was a hit single and received two ARIA Awards in 1996. “I […]

“We got places all over the place” – Nice Guy Eddie

They sure do, even after almost 25 years. Quentin Tarantino’s feature-length début film, “Reservoir Dogs”, still draws attention and for that fact, it is in the programme of 2017 Sundance Film Festival. This film has a cult classic status, and why wouldn’t it? “Reservoir Dogs” has all the necessary elements – superior writing, inspired directing and […]

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