A Head That Needs To Be Erased

In his long and fruitful career, David Lynch has made an impact on the film industry with many highly original and critically acclaimed films. Lynch is a true renaissance man, a true artist. He directs, writes screenplays, produces films, but also paints, shoots photos, composes and – sings. He is well known for a surrealistic […]

Chained Alice? Not quite

Jerry Fulton Cantrell Jr. Jerry Cantrell. Pride of the Pacific Northwest. And today he turns 51. The founder, lead guitarist and main songwriter of one of the best bands that have ever been formed in the great state of Washington, Alice In Chains. Seattle is in Washington. Hey, Seattle! And some competition we have there. Let’s […]

It Came From The Bayou – Happy Birthday, Mr. Cooder

Well, technically, it came from Los Angeles, but it sure sounds like bayou! Mister Ryland Peter Cooder, known as Ry, turns 70 today. This American multitalented and multifaceted musician left the mark in the world music that just can’t be ignored. Let’s just name some of the genres he contributed to – Americana, roots rock, folk blues, […]

The Crushing Power Of Four Iron Strings

Today we celebrate the 61st birthday of Steve Harris, the legendary “Iron Maiden” bass player and main songwriter.

He is also the band’s back vocalist, keyboards player, producer and video director.

Oh yes, and he also plays football. Just for fun.

Steve’s personal story is, naturally, tightly connected to that of the band he founded. He is the only band member that has participated in every single “Maiden” album. His “galloping” playing style is one of the band’s most distinctive elements.

Half A Century Since “The Doors” Were Released

Could it be that 50 years have passed since one of the best rock bands in the history of music released their debut album? An LA-based band, The Doors, released their first, self-titled album in 1967. The song list on this album was absolutely amazing. You could almost create the band’s best-of compilation based solely […]

“Suicide Blonde” Is Old, But The Band Is Older – Happy 40th Anniversary

It’s been 4 decades since “The Farriss Brothers” started rocking in Sydney. It wasn’t fair to call the band after Farrisses, while the most charismatic person, the vocalist Michael Hutchence, wasn’t one of the brothers. So, they changed the band’s name to INXS, and the road to stardom opened. Let’s listen to one of the […]

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