Bathsheba Wall by Ray Zell - Episode 2

Episode 2 – Stairways and Highways

BATHSHEBA WALL (AND HER REVOLVING DOOR IN ROCK N’ ROLL TIME) – EPISODE 2 – By Ray Zell Welcome to the latest episode of Bathsheba Wall (and her revolving door in rock n’ roll time) by the creator of Kerrang magazine’s Pandora Peroxide, Ray Zell So that’s where Jimmy Page REALLY got the idea for […]

Zell battles Doctor Who and the Daleks

Zell battles Doctor Who and the Daleks Where our hero with the assistance of Spike out of the Quireboys and his little brother join forces with Doctor Who to battle the Daleks. Well, sort of… Anyway, let Zell explain. TIME, GENTLEMEN, PLEASE! TIME TRAVEL. It’s always fascinated me. Where would I go? What would I […]

Kiss Day at Cadillac Michigan

Celebrate KISS Day

A red letter day in Kisstory Picking one day in Kisstory to celebrate The Hottest Band In The World should be an impossible task. How can you choose just one day from 5 decades? You could go with January 20th, date of the first ever Kiss concert. Maybe February 18th, the anniversary of the debut […]

How Not To Meet David Lee Roth by Ray Zell

How To Not Meet David Lee Roth

DAVID LEE Roth. Showman supreme. Superman gets all of his ideas reading David Lee Roth comic-books. Ultimate hero of mine. Never met the bloke. Unbelievably, on purpose.

Chris Catalyst from Eureka Machines teaches us to play “Zero Hero”

In the latest of our “Guitar Lessons With Rock Stars“, Chris Catalyst from the Eureka Machines tells us how to play Zero Hero, from their second album (and my favourite) Champion The Underdog. Chris Catalyst We love Chris Catalyst. And when you look at what he’s been up to over the years it is easy to […]

Rock Star Feuds by Ray Zell for BathroomWall T-shirts

All The Young Feuds

ROCK STAR FEUDS Rock star feuds make a great story. We love ’em, so all act like kids in the playground circling the protagonists chanting “fight, fight, fight, fight” at them like an adolescent amphitheatre. The reality of rock star feuds, as our friendly visitor from the Planet Zell explains, usually has less beef in […]

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