Underrated and Under-appreciated Rock N’ Roll Films and Music Movies

Underrated and Under-appreciated Rock N’ Roll Films and Music Movies There are of course dozens of great rock n roll films that we all agree are great. A Hard Day’s Night, This Is Spinal Tap, High Fidelity, Almost Famous, Blues Brothers and Walk The Line are all generally the rock n roll films that make […]

Whitfield Crane Ugly Kid Joe - Ultimate Mixtape

Bathsheba’s Cosmic Mixtape – Whitfield Crane

Bathsheba’s Cosmic Mixtape Project – Episode 2 When I came up with the killer idea for my Cosmic Mixtape Project in a quest for the ultimate mixtape, even with my persuasive charms, and so many rock stars dropping in and out of my cosmic merch store, I knew it would take a bit of a kick […]

Led Zeppelin T-shirts

Led Zeppelin Starship

Led Zeppelin Starship an icon of excess In the Instaperfect nonsenseland of your Kanyes and Justins, they’d have you believe they invented excess. That the lavish lifestyle of private jets tricked out with all the extravagances of a Persian prince’s harem, came to them in a fevered cheese dream.  But long before they had so […]

AC/DC - People Also Ask

AC/DC People Also Ask – an AC/DC 101

There I was with my notes ready to write a new blog post about AC/DC. I was going to write about some cool stuff. The stories behind the songs, a look into their origin beyond the usual “it was their sister’s sewing machine blah blah blah” stuff and into the myths and legends that inevitably […]

Bathsheba’s Cosmic Mixtape – Pandora Peroxide

Bathsheba’s Cosmic Mixtape – Episode 1: Pandora Peroxide Hey there! Welcome to the first in what is meant to be at least a semi-regular feature… Bathsheba’s Cosmic Mixtape. It’s meant to be a nice n’ easy concept to follow, but hey, this is about rock stars, so let’s not take anything for granted just yet… So […]

Guns N’ Roses meets Pandora Peroxide

I GOTTA hand it to Guns N’ Roses – they always make me look good

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