Are You Experienced? Half A Century Of Hendrix’ Great Album

How to recognise a great rock album? Are there any methods that can determine good from great? Great from legendary?

Critics claim – yes! But what about the audience? Is a legendary album the one that people still listen to many decades after its release? The answer would be – yes! But what about the albums that are equally beloved by critics and audience alike? Well, in that case, you get the red giant of pure musical ecstasy and something that is bound to last for many, many years.

Are you experienced yet? If not, please, correct that mistake right away.

Are You Experienced is the name of the first studio album by the band named very simply – Jimi Hendrix Experience. Jimi Hendrix. Left-handed guitar magician from Seattle, USA, the man who single-handedly changed the perspective of guitar playing in modern rock music. And in blues music. And in music, period.

And yes, there is a reason for all this. The jubilee is upon us. Are You Experienced turns 50 today. The album which was ranked 15th on the Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. An honour indeed.

The album was one of 50 recordings chosen by the Library of Congress to be added to the National Recording Registry due to its cultural significance. And bear in mind, Jimi Hendrix Experience recorded only three albums.

Purple Haze, The Wind Cries Mary, Fire, Foxy Lady, and, of course, Hey Joe. Immortal tracks, every single one of them.

So, are you experienced? Or, better yet, are you amazed?

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