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Ace Frehey teaches you how to trash a hotel room

Rock Star Lessons with Ace Frehley

Forget whether or not you like Kiss and put aside your thoughts on Gene $immon$. I don’t care if you want to bad mouth Paul Stanley because of some rumour you may believe. Because Ace Frehley is where it’s at. Ace Frehley is just amazing, Ace is my hero. Yes, I am biased as he was my first childhood guitar hero and then of course, I love the fact that he once wore a BathroomWall T-shirt on stage in LA and then on TV’s Celebrity Rehab.

Ace Frehley wears a BathroomWall T-shirt

So let us learn from Ace in our latest Lessons With Rock Stars

Hotel Room Trashing

We will get to an Ace Frehley guitar lesson video later, but for now, here is Ace teaching us a key rock star skill. Hotel room trashing…

Yeah, I know it’s a bit cliched and stupid, but that’s what passed for TV in the 80s and 90s.

THAT laugh

OK, so the the hotel room thing was a bit daft. Ok, the hotel thing was a lot daft, but isn’t that the joy of Ace? And that laugh!! Ace’s Laugh is the greatest laugh ever. Every great comedy moment needs a straight man and they don’t get much straighter than Gene $immon$.

Ace Frehley Guitar Lesson

OK, let’s do the serious bit now. Shock Me is a great Ace track. As he explains, it’s based on a true story of him getting electrocuted back stage during the Kiss heyday.

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Kisstory Class from Ace

You can listen to Gene’s version and it’s a story of bravado, money and just how great Gene is. Paul Stanley’s starts to sound like a motivation speech about believing in stuff (mainly yourself and rock n’ roll). But Ace’s is the one we wanna hear. Way more fun. The way he makes it sound, putting up with Gene all those years may almost have been worth it (of course Gene would point out that financially it was)

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