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AC/DC People Also Ask – an AC/DC 101

There I was with my notes ready to write a new blog post about AC/DC. I was going to write about some cool stuff. The stories behind the songs, a look into their origin beyond the usual “it was their sister’s sewing machine blah blah blah” stuff and into the myths and legends that inevitably surround a band as secretive as AC DC. All fun stuff that you’d hopefully enjoy reading, but then…

But then, I got sidetrack, as so often happens when digging around on the internet. You get sucked into the wormhole of YouTube and Wikipedia and Google. You start with a couple of videos to get in the mood. But like so many swift halves after work, one click leads to another, and another and another and before you know it it’s 3am and the dog is licking your face (please say that’s not just me?).

Then I found a website called “Answer the Public”. It’s like that section on Google headed “People Also Ask”, but instead of one or two stupid questions, there are all the stupid questions people ask on pretty much every subject – including our Alba-Anglo-Aussie pals, AC/DC. Millions of them. But as my old history teacher used to say “there’s no such thing as a stupid question” (ironically, usually before throwing a piece of chalk at me for asking a stupid question). But my issue with these questions wasn’t the question themselves, but the answers. I was expecting simplified but considered answers like an “AC/DC for Dummies” book. What I found was gobbledegook hacked out sources from the all-knowing Wikipedia to clickbait sites and blogs to such authorities on the subject as 97.1 Eagle Rock Radio in Dallas.

So in the spirit of sharing the love of AC/DC (and not at all taking the piss, promise), I thought we should set about clearing some of these things up, and indeed answer what “People Also Ask.”


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What does AC DC mean?

What does anything mean? Why are we all here? If a tree falls in the woods etc. AC/DC mean ROCK N’ ROLL, that’s what they mean. If you were looking for a less existential answer, Malcolm and/or Angus (but almost certainly Malcolm) saw it written on a sewing machine.

Who died in AC DC?

Their soul died when they kicked Brian to the kerb and brought in Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses.

AC/DC You Shook Me All Night LongWhy did the lead singer of ACDC quit?

No singer has yet quit AC/DC. The band fired Mark Evans. He claims it was over “jealousy and a fight with the manager”. The rest of the world just shrug and say “Bon Scott”.

Bon Scott died, so that’s more quitting on life than quitting a band. Brian Johnson was fired for going deaf – he says it was because of touring, Angus says it is because he didn’t wear the right ear protection when motor racing. Either way, fired. Didn’t quit. And is possibly back anyway. Axl Rose. Was only in to cover Brian, so not a quitter either.


What happened to the original lead singer of AC DC?

Mark Evans is still alive and well eking out a living in Australia making the most of his association with AC/DC. Oh, you mean Bon Scott? Easy mistake to make. He died. Bon Scott fell asleep/passed out in a friend’s Renault 5 and was dead in the morning. No one knows for sure what happened, but there are plenty of tin foil hat conspiracy theorists out there only too willing to share their ideas. Best back away slowly and avoid eye-contact.

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Are AC DC touring?

If the biggest selling rock band still in existence were touring, don’t you think we’d have all heard about it?

Who is singing for AC DC now?

The official AC/DC website lists their singer as Brian Johnson and if stories and photos from mid-2018 are to be believed then Brian and the rest of the band, including Phil Rudd are recording (have recorded?) a new album in Vancouver. Axl Rose was only ever the emergency substitute so the band could finish the Black Ice Tour.

AC/DC Thunderstruck T-shirtsWhat is AC DC’s most famous song?

Now that AC/DC’s Thunderstruck has replaced Tina Turner’s Simply The Best and We Are The Champions by Queen as the most ubiquitous song at sports stadiums around the world, it is now AC/DC’s most famous song. It’s a great song. Should it be their most famous? I don’t know. Since when does fame mean anything of consequence?


However, according to Loudwire, the two most famous songs are “What’s Next to the Moon?” From: ‘Powerage’ (1978) and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Train” From: ‘Black Ice’ (2008). This is clearly nonsense. What is the best AC/DC song though is a completely different question, the answer to which is “Whole Lotta Rosie” or “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N’ Roll)”. Come on, it’s got bagpipes in it…

Is Brian Johnson dead?

Brian Johnson is very much alive, You may be thinking of cricket radio commentator Brian Johnston – a lovely man known for eating a lot of cake. He, on the other hand, is very dead.

What is AC/DC Highway To Hell about?

Highway to Hell is about the daily grind the M25 commute from Leatherhead to Slough.  It really encapsulates the frustration of the traffic along that 26 mile stretch of hellish motorway. On the other hand, it might just be a song about the thrill of being in a rocking band. Hard to tell.

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Who replaced Bon Scott in AC DC?

No one replaced Bon Scott, Bon Scott was irreplaceable. Brian Johnson took over as lead singer, but by his own admission, never once tried to replace Bon.

AC/DC Whole Lotta Rosie T-shirt

Was AC DC Whole Lotta Rosie a real person?

Rosie certainly was a real person.  Bon Scott said that the “heavy set” Tasmanian lady was one of the best and most talented lovers he’d ever encountered aftr their one night stand at Freeway Gardens Motel in North Melbourne. Funnily enough, we know where you can get a T-shirt all about it…



Was ACDC in the 80s?

Back In Black was the second biggest selling album recorded in the 80s.  Therefore, if you’re asking if AC/DC recorded in the 80s, then yes. However, AC/DC were formed in the 70s. The band also recorded the bulk of their best work in the 70s.

Where does the band AC DC come from?

AC/DC was officially formed in Sydney, Australia. However, the only long-term members of the band actually born in Australian were Phil Rudd and Mark Evans.

Are AC DC heavy metal?

No. No, they are not. A gateway to heavy metal, possibly – but they are not and never have been heavy metal. AC/DC are a hard rock band. Maybe they are more metal than the definitely non-heavy metal, Grand Funk Railroad, but still 100% not metal. For a more complete discussion on this, please see Andrew O’Neill’s excellent “History of Heavy Metal

AC/DC T-shirts by BathroomWall T-shirtsWe hope that that clears a few things up. Or not. Either way, why all the questions? Just put on the tunes and listen for yourself.

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