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AC/DC – NOT Greatest Hits

Coming up with an AC/DC NOT Greatest Hits playlist has been a blast. Along with our followers on social media, we have gone through the AC/DC deep album cuts and the boxsets to put together our AC/DC’s NOT Greatest Hits playlist.  So as usual, there are not of the heavy hitters. No Whole Lotta Rosie, Highway To Hell or Thunderstruck. Just the underappreciated and underplayed AC/DC deep album cuts.

That AC/DC have recorded more brilliants songs than pretty much anyone else certainly helped when compiling a list of deep album cuts. However, there were also a few uniquely AC/DC factors that helped mix things up too.


The AC/DC Deep Album Cuts Playlist

The immovable setlist

Then there is AC/DC’s long-held tradition of picking a setlist and then running with it for an entire tour. AC/DC can be on the road for two years without a single setlist deviation. So if a track doesn’t make the cut on day one, then that’s it, and we never hear it again unless we put that specific album on.

When AC/DC came back after an 8-year wait with the generally well received Black Ice, without looking, can you name me more than a handful of tracks from it? Spoilin’ for a Fight? Smash N’ Grab? Hard Times? Wheels? Not one of them even got a solitary outing on tour*. So when AC/DC deep album cuts don’t even get run when the band are touring that album, they are never going to get any love further down the line either.

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(*One of those wasn’t even a track on that album, and I’m not sure even Angus knows which one)


Bon Scott’s death

Like everything AC/DC related, the death of Bon Scott also played a part in all this too. Even if the band had intended to play more from the seminal Highway To Hell, the time between Highway To Hell, Bon’s death, Brian Johnson joining and the recording of Back In Black meant there just wasn’t the time.

The Highway To Hell Tour only had 62 shows and only twenty songs aired on tour, many which were of course from previous albums.

Beating Around The Bush, Night Prowler (although Richard Ramirez had a lot to do with that one) and Love Hungry Man have NEVER been played lived. Until Axl Rose brought it out for a couple of European dates, neither had Touch Too Much either. During his time standing in for Brian, Axl did pluck a few from the vault, but with Brian back, we can assume AC/DC will return to business-as-usual should they head back out on the road.

Brian Johnson so explicitly not to being a Bon Scott replacement had an effect too. It meant that even firm fan favourites never got an airing again either. This was partly out of respect for Bon Scott, partly because they didn’t suit Brian’s voice and a lot about the band wanting to move forward with new material. Which brings us to the next reason…


No Greatest Hits or Best Of albums

AC/DC have steadfastly refused to put out a Greatest Hits or Best Of album. Sure, Iron Man 2 was pretty close. However, the band were adamant that it wasn’t and we owe them the respect to acknowledge that. In any case, it didn’t have of Whole Lotta Rosie. Had the Family Jewels DVD been an audio album that clearly that would have been one. While the Live album from the Razor’s Edge tour had the set-list but obviously doesn’t count either.

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Does it matter?

Anyway, does any of this matter? Maybe, maybe not, but either way Malcolm Young didn’t care and I doubt Bon would have cared for the whinging either. People moaned about Axl Rose filling in for Brian, but that was Angus Young’s call. You know THE Angus Young! So he can do whatever the hell he likes. If Malcolm didn’t want to put out a greatest hits album, then that’s his call.  If Angus doesn’t pick songs you want to hear, then that it just tough luck. Surely no one is arrogant enough to tell Angus Young what he should or shouldn’t do?


As usual, before anyone starts shouting at us about the selection, this playlist is clearly is not definitive. I write with the same biases that you have too. I prefer some eras to others. You will have tracks that you think are missing, but rather than rant like a loon, just comment/email us. If we agree, then we can always add them.


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