From the terrible “David Bowie” to the legendary David Bowie

Bowie’s eponymous debut album was released on June 1st, 1967. It’s been half a century. God, the time has no mercy!

He was so young back then. He didn’t really know what to do with the charisma and all the talent he had. Maybe that’s why the album was pretty awful, and later in his career he would be reserved about it.

It was not a commercial success. The singles were failures, and the album was number 125 in the UK album charts. It took place on the Rolling Stones list of 20 terrible Debut Albums by great artists.

Despite that, some people recognised the themes which would dominate his later, more mature, work. Abortion, children, cannibalism, etc. – these topics were there in 1967, but he was processing and presenting them through his music and lyrics much better afterwards.

After the unsuccessful debut album, Bowie was waiting for two years to release another one. Because of the failure of the first one Deram Records rejected to work with Bowie further, so he had to make a video to promote himself. The video called „Love you till Tuesday“ contained some recycled songs from the debut album, and Space Oddity. The rest is history.

The album is really terrible, but he did more than enough to make it up, so, who cares.  He gave us so much! That’s why people from all around the world felt like their heart was broken when he passed away last year.

Thank you, David.

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