The five most expensive guitars ever sold.

Before looking at five of the most expensive guitars ever sold, guitarists need to be warned.  Feelings of envy, unjustified poverty and sounds of sighing may prevail.

The ‘Reach out to Asiaâ’ Fender Stratocaster sold in Qatar in 2005 for £2 179 000 (US$2.7 mill.) was signed by the likes of Brian May, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi, Malcolm Young, Angus Young, Ritchie BlackmoreMark Knopfler and David Gilmour, just to name a few.

In 2015 a Gibson 1962 J-160 acoustic guitar owned by John Lennon sold for £1 937 671 (US$2.4mill).

In 1998, a Fender 1968 Stratocaster (post-CBS deal ) owned by Jimi Hendrix sold for £1 616 400 (US $2 mill).  I’m personally glad for this sale because I saw the previous owner allow someone to pick this guitar up by the neck and swing it around. An act bordering on sacrilegious.

As fine as a Washburn guitar is, they are rarely sort after by collectors and don’t have the renown of some other brands. However, a Washburn 22-Series Hawk owned by Bob Marley was bought by the Jamaican government for between US$1.2 â” US$2 million and this wasn’t even his main axe!  I don’t know where that Les Paul lies.

In 2016, Kirk Hammett of Metallica could not resist buying a guitar owned by Peter Green then Gary Moore (guitar pictured) for a reported $2 million dollars.



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